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06-22-2016, 12:52 PM
The Public Hearing on the proposed CIP is tonight. A bunch of cyclists are going to show up to provide the following feedback. We'll be towards the end of the list, so I'm guessing after 7:30pm. It would be great if others could come and stand in support (and if you want to talk instead of me, that would be great).

The meeting is at 2100 Clarendon Blvd and starts at 7pm. All you'd have to do is come, and stand, maybe bring in your bike helmet if you'd like. Unless you want to to the speaking, in which case, let me know.

Trail Modernization Program This is fantastic to see funding here as we have never had any systematic program to maintain the trails….and the current condition of our trails reflects this. However, based on our rough estimate of what’s reflected in the CIP - $1M per mile of trail - it will take 60 years to work through the trail network. Estimated lifespan of trail, at best, is 30 years. A re-allocation/re-calculation (?) is definitely in order.

Lighting: What we didn’t in the CIP (or the operating budget) see was a provision for lighting on trails. It isn’t clear, from talking to staff, whether the proposed street lighting program needs to be extended to include trail lighting or if it should be a different program. One program seems more efficient - either way - it needs to be addressed.

Long Bridge Park: We are thrilled to see the extension of the esplanade; however, is there is a need to connect the esplanade to the Mount Vernon Trail. Access for people walking and biking to/from the park is severely limited without it.

Alternatives to Fort Meyer: When access was cut off through Fort Meyer, the only current alternatives are a nightmare to walk or bike. The reconstruction of the Pike from Courthouse to S Orme should be prioritized, and the construction of the Hoffman-Boston Connector Trail should be accelerated, so that people walking and biking have access from Penrose (and the western part of South Arlington) to the eastern part of South Arlington (and the District).

06-22-2016, 01:28 PM
We could also use a placeholder for bike plan implementation. We don't want to finish the plan next year and then have to sit around for a year waiting for an opportunity to update the CIP again so that we can actually identify money for implementation.