View Full Version : The Odetts Need a Break and a Bike!

05-17-2016, 08:56 AM
Many of you know the amazing Megan Odett, and she needs our help!

In the world of DC Family Biking, Megan is the supermom. She started Kidical Mass DC, the first pod in the area. She pushed, urged, conjoled, sweet-talked and finally convinced waba to focus on family biking. She has been fighting to make dc a better place to ride with kids, to get more kids on bikes and to make dc a better place generally for years.

Off the bike, Megan is a supermom, raising two awesome kids through too many medical battles.

Just when those medical battles seemed to be looking up, an emergency bathroom stop led Megan's family bike, their main means of transportation, being stolen.

So supermom needs our support. We know that the #bikedc community is an awesomely supportive group. Please click below and chip in what you can to help the Odett get a break and a bike!


05-17-2016, 08:59 AM
BTW, you may notice that they already met their modest goal from Facebook posts last night. I assure you that the original ask was the minimum needed for this family - not a replacement for what they lost. If you can chip in, it will enable to do things like upgrade the brakes, get a kick ass lock, etc. Most of their family finances go to fighting cancer...

05-17-2016, 11:12 AM
This really sucks--I'd seen posts about it in the Women and Bicycles community. But it does beg the question--did they file an insurance claim on the bike? Most renters and home insurances cover stolen bikes for just the deductible. We got our $5,000 bike replaced last year for just the cost of our deductible, and they even covered all of the upgrades and accessories that got destroyed. And we paid like $25 a month for renters insurance, and I just confirmed our new homeowners insurance has the same coverage level.

If not, I hope someone mentioned they really ought to get decent insurance coverage for the next bike so this doesn't happen again. Living in the DC area bikes (and so much other stuff) gets stolen, and it's nice to know they can be replaced for a modest deductible, and not add a whole bunch of stress to what already seems like a really stressful and tough time for this family.

Steve O
05-17-2016, 12:04 PM
I presume they are also collecting on their homeowners/renters insurance. That should help as well.