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  1. even more autocentric assumption silliness
  2. Legitimacy of Stop Sign on Custis outside Marriott?
  3. Hit by a car again
  4. Worst Male Commuting Attire Ever
  5. Cycist Struck at W&OD and Great Falls
  6. Bollard installed on W&OD in Vienna
  7. EPA Shuttle - Crystal City
  8. Possible cyclist hit on S. Capitol St
  9. Looking for a Commuting Buddy in Potomac, MD
  10. Leading Pedestrian Intervals?
  11. Someone Got a Little Punchy on Their Commute
  12. New bike commuter: EFC to Reston and Chinatown
  13. getting ready for regular commuting
  14. Free U-Locks at College Park Metro Tuesday morning
  15. Bringing your work clothes on your bike
  16. ICE Cycles Big Ring Breakfast - Every other Wed beginning 14 Aug
  17. Work Next to Four Mile Run Trail @ Potomac Yards
  18. M Street Cycle Track Delayed. Again.
  19. Friday Coffee Clubs
  20. Farragut North/West Area Dry Cleaner Recommendations?
  21. Federal Workers Urged to Telework Wednesday
  22. Bike Parking downtown
  23. Etiquette Question: Kick Scooters in Bike Lanes?
  24. Tracking the trail: Sensors on Mount Vernon path collect data to aid transportation p
  25. What we do for miles...
  26. Commuter Question - To Buy New or Used?
  27. APS Superintendent Celebrates Biking to Work
  28. Next Week: TryTransit, PARK(ing) Day, and Car Free Day!
  29. Metro Rush Hour?
  30. ISO Suggestions for Takoma Park/Foggy Bottom Commute
  31. Completing the Friday cycle
  32. A New Light?
  33. Data, data everywhere...
  34. TR Bridge Sidewalk Closed
  35. Gaining Access to Parking Garage?
  36. Federal Commuters?
  37. Strava Data Question
  38. Trails closing?
  39. Cursed
  40. Bike Commuter Subsidy
  41. L Street bike lane blocked, sort of
  42. Cost savings from 4 months of bike commuting
  43. Bike Commuter Subsidy and TPAs
  44. Greenbelt to Arlington commute
  45. The chain bridge to CCT
  46. DC stores selling rain gear
  47. Groningen Cycling City video
  48. Washington DC Ranked 3rd Highest; % of Bicycle Commuters among US Cities.
  49. Bike Commute: Darnestown to Dupont Circle
  50. bike fit - Bethesda
  51. Kensington to Gtown
  52. Fixing Route 193 (College Park, Berwyn Heights, Greenbelt)
  53. pre-coffee ride tomorrow?
  54. Fort Myer rule change?
  55. Lights on trail courtesies
  56. Is it WABA filming the L St Cycletrack violators?
  57. Black Friday Coffee Club II
  58. The New Rules
  59. Taken down by a Bike Lane Pylon on L Street
  60. Perimeter Road on Andrews Air Force Base
  61. Be careful @ WOD & Columbia
  62. To the two cyclists....
  63. Arlington Motorcycle Cop on the 4mrt last night
  64. My New winter commute. Bike to REX Bus
  65. WW Bridge Trail Closed Today during Day
  66. GW Parkway Crossing now with LIGHTS - sorta
  67. Dimming or shielding lights
  68. It's raining, it's pouring, Hains Point is calling..
  69. The one thing that makes motorists cede more of the road to cyclists
  70. The abusive relationship with my bike continues
  71. Advice needed re bike route
  72. Survey of Federal Agencies offering the Bicycle Commuter Benefit
  73. Yahoo Article on bike tax
  74. Bike entry and exit points for Rock Creek
  75. Down with transit, up with parking WTF ?!?!
  76. No Commuting Through Ft. Myer Until Further Notice - How do we fix this?
  77. Biking from Takoma Park to National Harbor
  78. My evening commute
  79. Concise Cold Weather Advice.
  80. Travelling northbound in the District during am rush
  81. Petition: Add a bike lane or bridge near the American Legion Bridge
  82. M St. in Georgetown last night?
  83. Rockville/North Bethesda to Arlington
  84. Rock Creek path condition Friday 31/Jan - ice or no ice?
  85. Snow plowin'
  86. Place to live?
  87. Rush Hour and 16th St.
  88. Gusty squalls on tap for friday!
  89. Calling all Tysons Corner Commuters
  90. Sunrise Coffee Club
  91. 10 Things Your Commute Does to Your Body
  92. When is Bike To Work Week?
  93. Suggested Shower facilties in DC if your work has none
  94. Wild, volatile, rollercoaster weather Wednesday.
  95. Any MD to DC commuters on C&O Canal Towpath?
  96. Biking habits survey, super quick, super helpful
  97. National Bike Challenge 2014
  98. Commuting from SW Waterfront to Downtown
  99. Rosslyn/Custis Bikeometer
  100. Commuting Backpacks
  101. Why do you bike to work?
  102. WABA and BikeArlington Pop-up Advocacy in Rosslyn today 4/1/2014 from 4-6:30pm
  103. Bike Commuter Convoy from Greenbelt Tomorrow
  104. National Bike Challenge-Syncing Rides
  105. Hyattsville to Tenleytown
  106. L St commuters--
  107. Geographic Nicknames Explained
  108. Re-joining the world of bicycle commuters
  109. Federal Bike to Work Challenge
  110. Rosslyn to Dupont Circle.
  111. National Bike Challenge-Local Contests
  112. Commuting to Springfield Metro
  113. Paint Branch Trail/Greenbelt Metro underpass closed?
  114. My Evening Commute
  115. Advice for someone new to this
  116. 1st Street Cycletrack
  117. Drat! I shed my favorite water bottle! 4/22
  118. This is a public service announcement from Dirt
  119. Bike from Anacostia to White House District?
  120. National Bike Challenge 2014-Washington Area All-Stars
  121. Police activity yesterday
  122. New Census Report on Bicycle Commuting
  123. Coffee Club Sticky
  124. Pay by the day showers in Ballston?
  125. commute route
  126. Announcing National Bike Challenge Side Bet #1 - GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!
  127. More Police Activity
  128. College Park/Hyattsville Trolley Trail?
  129. Army Navy Country Club Security
  130. Why just save money when you could earn it?
  131. North Springfield to North Arlington (courthouse)
  132. How do I go from a 3x/week commuter to 5x/week?
  133. When do you eat breakfast?
  134. Bike Commuter Super Transformer Bag of Stuff
  135. Will the bikeshare dock at 1420 14th Street be empty every morning?
  136. Commuting from Alexandria to PG county might be hard with the changes coming from MGM
  137. New commute route for wife! (takoma park to central high school)
  138. Fairfax County Police to ticket jaywalkers at Vienna Metro station
  139. Shirlington to Rosslyn
  140. Complete a 5-Minute survey for the chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate
  141. Noob to cycling, need advice, Annandale to Tysons Corner
  142. DC Road Closures August 3-6
  143. Tysons cycle routes
  144. Aspen Hill to Downtown DC
  145. Petition for WMATA to add a bike car to every 3rd train/8 car train
  146. Another reason why bike commuting is better than taking the metro
  147. Complete a 5-Minute survey for the chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate
  148. Hey there
  149. WABA Prince George's Advocacy Group
  150. Nasty little crash on the NE Branch this morning
  151. Alternate Routes to Maine Ave?
  152. My first commute all the way home
  153. new trail along Arlington Blvd
  154. Route 7 Advice
  155. Bike Train - Mount Vernon Trail
  156. Suggested Improvements to NE Branch Trail to Downtown Commute
  157. What is a LONG distance commute?
  158. My morning interaction with motorists.
  159. The etiquette of an unsolicited bike fix
  160. Friday Coffee Club Trifecta
  161. Bike parking accessible to the public at Federal buildings
  162. It's dark = lights
  163. Silver Spring to Cap. Hill sugggestions
  164. Smelly bag
  165. Kennedy Ctr expansion and the waterfront trail
  166. suggestions for where to live? (bike commuting to the hill and family friendly area)
  167. Mantua (Fairfax Co) --> Tyson's Corner route
  168. WMATA Financial Woes
  169. Veterans Day Commute - Avoiding Concert Road Closures?
  170. Cycling as an investment
  171. Loose something in Falls Church tonight??
  172. How bad is February?
  173. RRB Bike room closed today- 12/4/2014
  174. Four Mile Run "Bump"
  175. Lights Hypicroacy me or him?
  176. commuter bike - road vs. hybrid vs. mountain
  177. Keep your batteries warm and toasty
  178. L'Enfant Plaza shut down due to fire/smoke
  179. Winter Bike to Work Day
  180. President's Day Coffee Club at Best Buns in Shirlington
  181. New procedures at Fort Myer?
  182. Boston cyclists built a 40-foot-long snow tunnel for commuting
  183. Maryland (finally!) OKs protected bike lane features on state roads
  184. Is the C&O Canal Getting Muddier?
  185. New Coffee Club Location?
  186. So... Monday Tania Commuter Caravan from Dunn Loring to Metro Center?
  187. Keys that dropped at 17th St. NW & Desales St
  188. Monday Morning Pancake Club
  189. Want to begin bike commuting - need some advice please!
  190. Memorial Circle mystery
  191. Plowing the MVT / Spoke with Rep. Beyer's office....
  192. help picking a rear rack
  193. Commuting for work - Silver Spring to Bethesda
  194. Route Recommendations for Ballston to L'Enfant Plaza Commute
  195. Route Advice: H St & North Capital St NW
  196. Tornado watch issued 4/20
  197. New Traffic Light Timings
  198. Route Advice: Huntington to Crystal City
  199. Route recommendations from Gaithersburg, MD to Reston, VA
  200. I HATE the "which bike should I buy" threads...
  201. New to Town - Route Courthouse to Metro Center (Key, Roosevelt, Memorial, 14th?)
  202. Route recommendation: Shady Grove Metro Station to Bethesda Metro Station
  203. Advice: Riding from Alexandria (Duke and 395) to Memorial Bridge
  204. Virginia Sqaure to L'Enfant Plaza
  205. Route assistance: Central Arlington to Watergate complex
  206. Considering daily commuting, help me decide if it's right for me...
  207. Route Advice: Beach Dr @ Broad Branch Rd
  208. Route advice: DC to Reston
  209. S. Arlington Commuting
  210. Using Army Navy country club to get to Clarendon
  211. New Temporary Commute (Takoma to University of DC)
  212. Superfluous Coney Award
  213. Route advice: Crystal City to Fairfax High School (rebel run)
  214. Taxis Uber ??
  215. Rt 50 to/from Key Bridge
  216. Contradictory messages from Police regarding 15th ST: how to resolve?
  217. Everyday commuting? How?
  218. Anacostia Rive Trail into Ancostia between Penn and Benning
  219. Bicycle commuting and income
  220. Found a speedometer
  221. Five days, five commutes, five different bikes
  222. Losing my commute
  223. W-L Cross Country on WOD on Bluemont 7:30 -9:00 9/3
  224. route help
  225. Bus Bike Rack Sharing
  226. Reactions to NFL RB bike commuting
  227. FedEx trucks on R Street NE
  228. Alexandria PD Ticketing Cyclists
  229. Questionnaire for cyclists
  230. Advice: Pentagon City/Army Navy Drive to Dupont Circle
  231. Run vs. bike commute in Central London
  232. I feel bad for all AM eastbound/PM westbound commuters
  233. Attn commuters coming down the Crescent Trail into Georgetown
  234. Crystal City bike commuting facilities
  235. Commute through Georgetown (From Courthouse to McPherson Square)
  236. Trying to locate victim of accident at CCT and Little Falls on Tuesday, October 20
  237. Crowd-sourced bollards
  238. NPR: No Car For Me
  239. Enforcement action on the CCT at Little Falls Parkway
  240. Route Help - What is a safe route to bike from Landmark Area to Crystal City?
  241. Back up transportation modes
  242. Sucking in the exhaust
  243. PSA - trail crossings/intersections in the dark
  244. Did you lose a wheel?
  245. Evening commute route - Georgetown to NoMa - the big obstacles
  246. Hydrating In Sub-32f Commute
  247. any commuters work at Mark Center?
  248. Four Mile Run Trail Closure Along South Glebe -- Options
  249. MIL Base Access
  250. Interviews on bicycle safety