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  1. Capital Bikeshare
  2. Station Location Survey
  3. Facebook Page Up!
  4. CapitalBikeshare.com is live and taking memberships!
  5. Call For Volunteers!
  6. Volunteers for this weekend?
  7. Where would you like to see a Capital Bikeshare station?
  8. Capital Bikeshare Volunteers needed at Vintage Crystal!
  9. Come ride bikes with me (and 200 others) on Monday!
  10. Post on Why Bike Owners could benefit from joining Capital Bikeshare
  11. Spanish speaking Volunteer?
  12. Tour de CaBi Stations in Arlington
  13. Bikeshare = Magical Appearing/Disappearing "Second Bike"
  14. DDOT Ends SmartBikeDC
  15. Capital Bikeshare expansion
  16. Cabi Station suggestions: 1 at King St. Metro, 1 in Old Town
  17. CaBi's Winter Warrior leaderboard
  18. Stations in Rosslyn/Ballston
  19. New 5-day "weekly" rates for Capital Bikeshare
  20. Furthest afield Bikeshare bike in use spotted?
  21. Capital Bikeshare Renewal -- Discount available?
  22. Today was the worst
  23. Are bikeshare users making cycling unsafe for DC?
  24. Capital Bikeshare is Expanding in Arlington this year and we need your input!
  25. Alexandria considering CaBi?
  26. Tourists Like Bikeshare
  27. New DC Station List Released
  28. Drudged!
  29. Boston Hubway
  30. "D.C. to give away 500 helmets to Bikeshare riders"
  31. Bike Share SWAT team
  32. Are you lost?
  33. Dock blocking...
  34. Capital Bikeshare on the Mall, coming soon to a District near you!
  35. Best way to carry coffee on a CaBi?
  36. Capital Bikeshare Birthday Bash Convoys
  37. CaBi party company or convoy from Shirlington?
  38. Pictures from CABI Party
  39. Capital Bikeshare to add 50 more stations in DC early next year!
  40. Should Wells Fargo be a primary sponsor of Capital Bikeshare? Why not?
  41. Has anyone had a problem with their CaBi key on the renewal date?
  42. Arlington CaBi expansion, Part 2 (or is it Part 3?)
  43. New crowdsourcing map for future Capital Bikeshare expansion
  44. Courthouse Station Up and Running!
  45. New lights and baskets on CaBi bikes
  46. NPS is seeking public comments on the National Mall CaBi stations
  47. Montgomery County proposal: 50 bike stations/400 bikes in Bethesda, Silver Spring...
  48. Alexandria Capital Bikeshare Open House - Wed. Jan. 4, 2012, 5:30-7 PM
  49. CB Discounted Gift Certificates
  50. Helmets and Bike-sharing schemes
  51. Arlington's six-year draft plan for Capital Bikeshare
  52. Integrating Bikesharing with Public Transportation webinar tomorrow (March 13)
  53. Bag or Box That Fits Effortlessly in CaBi Basket?
  54. Capital Bikeshare TDP Meeting Reminder - TONIGHT
  55. Does pushing the wrench button for a wheel out of true make me a bikesnob?
  56. Reminder - just a few more days for CB input!
  57. Earth Day Convoy!
  58. NPR Article: Why Do Bikeshare Riders Skip Helmets?
  59. CaBi movie that shows distribution of unbalanced stations
  60. Six-Year Expansion Plan for Capital Bikeshare in Arlington Posted
  61. Encouraging piece on WAMUs Metro Connection.
  62. Arlington Bikeshare 6-Year Strategic Expansion Plan - Public Meeting Wednesday!
  63. Suggestion
  64. Idea - portable stations
  65. Capital Bikeshare - Alexandria installation to begin August 27
  66. Possible locations for the future stations on Columbia Pike, Shirlington?
  67. Capital Bikeshare in Old Town Alexandria is online
  68. Suggestion: Curb cuts and smoother driveway transitions
  69. Maybe not the best business plan.
  70. Rumors from the neighborhood listserv
  71. Happy Official Capital Bikeshare Day in Arlington and DC!
  72. CaBi Infographic and Metrics
  73. You write the title
  74. Capital Bikeshare Day Proclamation by Arlington County Board
  75. Traffic Ticket
  76. Grand Opening Oct 22
  77. Metro sucks, but Capital Bikeshare ROCKS
  78. First new CaBi station in Crystal City/Potomac Yard in a while
  79. Advertising coming to CaBi, perhaps by this winter
  80. Capital Bikeshare Safety Survey
  81. Tax Consequenses of a Corporate Membership
  82. CaBi expansion in D.C. delayed
  83. Fairfax bikeshare, someday?
  84. Locations for D.C. CaBi expansion announced
  85. CABI on Columbia Pike
  86. A brief history of Capital Bikeshare
  87. Where Bikeshare riders are coming and going
  88. CaBi, The Pentagon, and other thoughts
  89. bikeplanner.org
  90. Interesting item about regular CaBi bike corral for downtown D.C.
  91. The 59-dock CaBi station
  92. Problem-solve my commute: Dropping off a kid with bikeshare?
  93. CaBi is a confusing name
  94. The best Capital Bikeshare data visualization video ever?
  95. Please Support Capital Bikeshare at the Arlington Cemetery Metro
  96. CaBis in weird places
  97. Four new stations were installed in South Arlington today!
  98. CABI Removed From Glebe and N Fairfax
  99. CaBi station at Pentagon City Metro moved, temporarily
  100. Gunston Park station (Arlington) closed because of damage
  101. Bixi
  102. Washington Post - "The Business of Bike Sharing"
  103. CitiBike Inaugural
  104. Bikeshare Geographic Footprints around the World
  105. CaBi needs to be better known (a little story)
  106. Draft map - 2013 Alexandria CaBi expansion
  107. "My Stations" function on CaBi website no longer works - just me??
  108. 5 news Capital Bikeshare Stations and one relocation in Arlington today!!
  109. Arlington Bikeshare Trips See Substantial Year over Year Increases
  110. Dock/Undock to reset 30 minute timer
  111. Another Etiquette Question
  112. New bikeshare station at 2nd and Constitution N.W.
  113. Capital Bikeshare coming to Reston?
  114. Chicago's version
  115. Georgetown University Bikeshare
  116. Arlington Capital Bikeshare FY13 Year End Report
  117. Promos or Coupons?
  118. Full house in OT Alexandria
  119. City Bikes uses bike trailers to help with rebalancing
  120. BikeShare Article
  121. Capital Bikeshare's birthday - Sept. 20, 2010
  122. The Awkward Ethics of Sharing
  123. College Park bikeshare by February 2014
  124. Interesting Article on Citi Bike in NYC
  125. New 45-degree angle bike stations
  126. New station in East Potomac Park (Hains Point)
  127. CitiBike BMX
  128. New bike station at Long Bridge Park
  129. Federal Agencies that Subsidize Bikeshare?
  130. What are some jobs to do with the environment?
  131. How can I get a station in Palisades?
  132. Cabi Hack Night - Dec 5 7:00 pm
  133. Santa
  134. Arlington is trying to expand Bikeshare all along the Mt. Vernon Trail (and more)
  135. Falls Church CaBi?
  136. Meeting re Reston bikeshare proposals, Jan. 29, 7 pm
  137. Capital Bikeshare discount for residents of Arlington
  138. CaBi Maintenance
  139. Alta and 8D Technologies announce new partnership for bikeshare systems
  140. WaPo Reports Delay in College Park Capital Bikeshare
  141. Cherry Blossom CaBi bike
  142. Article: "Business Appears to Be Picking Up Near Capital Bikeshare Stations"
  143. Cherry blossom bike corral - West Potomac park this weekend
  144. A new baseball season, a larger bike station
  145. Record-breaking days on CaBi
  146. Gabe Klein interview on Kojo Nnamdi show, WAMU 88.5 FM, Thur. Apr. 24, 12-1 pm
  147. Capital Bikeshare Memberships Now Available at (Arlington) Commuter Stores
  148. How much sun does a Cabi station need?
  149. Lego bikeshare
  150. 7 million trips on Capital Bikeshare and a safety update
  151. Summer 2014 CaBi stations in D.C.
  152. New study: Are bike-share programs increasing the miles driven by cars and trucks?
  153. Metro issue with tangential bikeshare relationship
  154. DC CaBi advertising deal
  155. Two new CB stations in Arlington!
  156. 23 million bikeshare rides in U.S., still no deaths
  157. Annoyingly empty edge station
  158. DC CaBi expansion plans 2014-2015
  159. Best CaBi app these days?
  160. Paris is starting a bike share program for kids
  161. General Motors is creating its own private bike share
  162. Arlington FY14 Capital Bikeshare Update
  163. seat post adjustment
  164. REQX Ventures buys Alta Bicycle Share
  165. Bike Stations
  166. Video: All CaBi Trips from 3rd quarter of 2014
  167. 24 price (on CaBi and Citibike)
  168. CaBi Open House, Jan. 28, 6-8 pm: Price increase proposal
  169. CaBi system software upgrade in early February
  170. Article: The Next Wave of Bike-Share Innovations May Focus on Equity
  171. People For Bikes Blog Post: Arlington Is Now Accepting Cash for Capital Bikeshare!
  172. Updated Arlington Bikeshare Expansion Map
  173. CaBi cargo bikes?
  174. CABI stats: a mysterious difference in mileage
  175. Balancing at a CABI station
  176. CaBi bike corral for today's Nationals season opener
  177. Downtown CaBi bike corrals
  178. CaBi Equity Town Hall
  179. Bike stations along GWMP may not be installed
  180. Today would be a good day for...
  181. The new CaBi bikes
  182. Minor software upgrade at midnight - short-term usage not avail. for 30 min.
  183. Did someone really try to sell a Capital Bikeshare bike on Craislist?
  184. CaBi van in bike lane while balancing
  185. May 2015 was the busiest month in Capital Bikeshare history
  186. In Praise of CaBi bikes
  187. Suboptimal South Arlington station placement
  188. Who says Cabis can't go fast?
  189. Missing Docking Station
  190. George Washington Memorial Parkway
  191. Miami Beach and Miami bikeshare, also sponsored by Citibank
  192. (Clarendon) Orange is the New Black
  193. Weird, Nit-Picky Complaint About CaBis
  194. Watch out CaBi
  195. November 2015 expansion?
  196. CaBi bike found in Montreal
  197. Pronto Cycle Share in Seattle
  198. I guess I don't need to get a special bike for camping
  199. College Park staff recommend non-CaBi bikeshare system
  200. Capital Bikeshare turns 5 on Sept. 20, 2015
  201. Maryland bike projects announced: bikeshare in Wheaton
  202. DDOT Bikeshare Development Plan - comment by Nov. 15, 2015
  203. Advice on proposing a Capital Bikeshare station / what data might be needed
  204. CaBi Relationship with WMATA?
  205. Proposed stations in Westover Village
  206. CaBi Hack Night IV: Mon Oct 19, 2015
  207. federal agencies offering capital bikeshare memberships?
  208. Marine Corps marathon
  209. Proposed stations in Claremont
  210. Long-term members can now use credit/debit card at bike stations
  211. CaBi Quest Arlington
  212. CaBi equivalents overseas
  213. Prince George's County still studying bikeshare feasibility
  214. Two proposed stations in Rosslyn
  215. Fairfax Expansion
  216. Twitter poll on whether bikeshare should be public or private or a combination
  217. Capital Bikeshare closing during the storm at 7 pm Fri Jan. 22, 2016
  218. More space for the Station Map view on the CaBi website
  219. DCís Bikesharing Programís Big Losses Show Why Government Shouldnít Fund Bikeshares
  220. Rustproofing bike stations
  221. Bluemont Neighborhood (Arlington, VA) celebrates new CABI stations Saturday 2/27/2016
  222. Free daily memberships, 3 bike corrals on Metro closure day
  223. Idea: Bikeshare/Metro discounted transfers
  224. New Station in Alexandria
  225. "Keep Bikeshare station out of our neighborhood"
  226. CaBi at East Falls Church
  227. Alexandria expansion - four new stations
  228. Randle Circle SE Station, Rehab or Gone
  229. Apparently Cabi Stations are Bike Rental Shops!
  230. Alexandria Bikeshare stations go further south and west
  231. EFC - docks available at 7am on a Friday?
  232. Incentivizing bike rebalancing
  233. Why no CaBi at Potomac Yards?
  234. Arlington discount this year?
  235. Citi Bikes to start projecting lasers onto the streets
  236. Open House Regarding Capital Bikeshare Stations at Gravelly Point & Roosevelt Island
  237. Priceonomics analysis of BikeShare systems
  238. Unregulated bike share - park where you like
  239. Provide feedback on expansion in the City of Alexandria
  240. Proposed new trail from Dunn Loring to Centreville
  241. Example analysis of how to place new bike lanes and bikeshare stations
  242. One fewer Bikeshare station in town...
  243. Guardian article on dockless bikes
  244. Transit App Does Deep Dive on Data; DoBi vs CaBi.
  245. Bike In Bloom 2018
  246. CaBi in PG County
  247. Lyft buying Motivate
  248. CaBi Launches Bike Angel Program
  249. Bike Angel - how to move a bike using a bike?
  250. Ebikes!