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  1. The VDOT Bikeway and Trail Network Draft Study report is up now!
  2. proposed Rapid Transit line crosses W&OD at Lee Highway - public hearing Nov 18
  3. Metro to offer free covered and secured bike parking at some stations...
  4. Outdoor concert and video presentation on the National Mall tonight, Mon. Nov. 16
  5. King Street Complete Streets Project Meeting 11/17
  6. Social norms v. legality
  7. "North Van Dorn Complete Streets"
  8. How to be as tough as Crickey7
  9. Leading Pedestrian Intervals in Virginia
  10. Article: "Why Bike Commuters Should Be Using Strava"
  11. Seriously disappointing bike shop experience today
  12. City of Alexandria seeking feedback on Potomac Yard plans (metro station and park)
  13. what to do about aggressive vehicle passes
  14. Shortcake Bakery/Northwest Branch Trail
  15. Apex Building in Bethesda to be sold (CCT tunnel under Wisconsin Ave)
  16. Take this, you lycranauts:
  17. Innovating forecaster highlights potential for very snowy winter in Mid-Atlantic, D.C
  18. Thanks on Thanksgiving
  19. Nice weather = shitty cyclists
  20. Short Italian film on backpacking from Kathmandu to somewhere in India
  21. Breakthrough Energy Coalition
  22. Annual Deer Hunt in RCP--Road closures
  23. W&OD Learner's looop ribbon cutting
  24. Head Light Greeting Signal
  25. How Cyclists Are Causing Cities Worldwide To Rethink Bike Safety (article)
  26. Zig Zag Road Striping Calms Traffic in Virginia
  27. "To Shoal"
  28. 5K this morning (12/12) on southern W&OD
  29. Fun stunt biking video
  30. Is the Lynn/Lee Hwy intersection in Rosslyn safer?
  31. Carbon Fiber Masculinity - Journal of the Theoretical Humanities
  32. Improved water park access?
  33. Sometimes you just find a puppy....
  34. Arlington wants to be more bike-friendly. Here's a plan for making that happen.
  35. Wash DC Area Bike Bucket List
  36. The Backwards Brain Bicycle
  37. Strava slammed for thefts
  38. warm wishes
  39. What did Santa bring you?
  40. What did Santa bring you?
  41. Is it time for a "stops signs and trail crossings" thread yet?
  42. Apps or other ways for a spouse to track a cyclist in real time?
  43. orthotics?
  44. WSJ Article: The Rise of the NFL Cycling Nerd
  45. The planned German bike "autobahn"
  46. Road Design and Safety
  47. City of Falls Church seeing potential to improve the W&OD?
  48. Grease
  49. Brand New Bike Parking Guide for Developers Available
  50. Meet the Cities: A Panel of City and County Bike/Ped Planners (Jan 21, 2016)
  51. So Long, Autobahn: Germany Is Building a Superhighway for Bikes
  52. French Canal Drained, Many Abandoned Bikes Revealed
  53. Article: "Writing an anti-cycling column? Read this first"
  54. Bike Maintenance Clinics in Rockville
  55. "Slow Cycling" article
  56. Strava heat map oddities and insights
  57. Virginia Capital Trail is finally on Google Maps
  58. Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico
  59. Suppressing Forum Topics
  60. Bicycle Tours around Washington, FROM 1896!
  61. Alexandria Trasportation Master Plan Pedestrian and Bicycle Chapter
  62. This could put a crimp in Freezing Saddles - Missouri edition
  63. New Arlington Fixit Stands
  64. MLK Day Coffee Club?
  65. Article: "Riding an Electric Bike is NOT Cheating. Here’s the Data to Prove It."
  66. Cheap Bar Mitts
  67. Arlington County Bike Map Has Been Updated
  68. Five planets visible at once in pre-dawn sky
  69. Best trash find while riding
  70. 1900 miles in 41 days on a 55 lbs fixed gear bike, in 1897.
  71. Anyone out there biking through colder temps than they did last year?
  72. Speak up for Arlington Trails!
  73. Amtrak return after cycling the C & O towpath
  74. Alexandria: let spend the Transportation Tax on new transportation, as promised.
  75. LBJ Running Water
  76. Does riding on Jan 23rd make you a jackball?
  77. Nike to sponsor Portland bikeshare; Baltimore bikeshare plans
  78. WABA's Bicyclist Choice Awards 2016
  79. Article: Invisibility.
  80. WashCycle Calls for a Day of Self-Serving Shoveling
  81. Beach Dr. conditions
  82. Low Stress Bike Networks Presentation - March 8, 2016
  83. WMATA Metro Rail Bike Policy
  84. For all of you folks that have questions about urban cycling
  85. King Street Complete Streets Project Meeting #2 February 11, 2016
  86. Smithsonian cycling jerseys
  87. Best DC Hostel
  88. Dog attacks in Shepherd Park and Crestwood neighborhoods, DC
  89. Snow on Rock Creek Park Path?
  90. Want to work for the NPS on the Mt Vernon Trail?
  91. DDOT crowdsourcing map for east-west DC travel improvements
  92. Don't freak if the Potomac's a funny color today
  93. Cycling Without Age - Washington DC GoFundMe
  94. Housing Request for WABA LCI Class March 4th
  95. Universal Sports Network has closed
  96. Arlington Blvd "Bike Trail" is shameful (bit of a rant)
  97. Riding vs Driving?
  98. Secret Tunnel under CSX in Crystal City?
  99. Please help support these bills in the House, & spread the word to friends around VA
  100. Montgomery County Parks Trails Plan Amendment Hearing, March 3rd.
  101. Are you a Virginia resident who has been doored?
  102. Xukaiwen: intro post
  103. New BFBs announced.
  104. Long rides make us smarter....
  105. Are Ebikes Legal in NY?
  106. Do you have 10 minutes for a Bike-Friendly Ballston?
  107. Which one of you did I meet at Revolution Cycles this AM?
  108. RAGBRAI Information Session
  109. DC Streetcar scheduled to start passenger service tomorrow, Sat. Feb. 27, 2016
  110. Forum Wiki Now Up and Running!
  111. https URL for this site?
  112. The 2016 ACPD Safe Bicycling Initiative
  113. Article: How to ride a bike the right way, using science
  114. Beg Light Article
  115. National Harbor
  116. Vespa in Cycletrack?
  117. How narrow does a lane have to be for you to take the lane?
  118. The Bike Wars Are Over
  119. Found Keys in L St Cycletrack
  120. Walter Reed Drive project meeting
  121. Trails End in Purcellville?
  122. A look at the new headquarters for bike component manufacturer SRAM
  123. Expect crowded trails tomorrow.
  124. Article: A Mystery of Our Time: The People Who Enjoy Commuting
  125. VA Elizabeth Furnace – Access Issues on Hazard Mill and Page Valley Roads
  126. Arlington Needs a new Bike Plan. We can do better.
  127. Finally got to use my chain breaker! IT WORKS!!!!
  128. Penrose Square Giant in Arlington Blocks Bike Parking in its parking garage
  129. National Bike Challenge 2016
  130. BikeArlington Counter Dashboard is now regional!
  131. Glebe Rd (Alexandria) Bike Lanes
  132. Old Cameron Run Trail Study
  133. Coffee clubs?
  134. Arlington Traffic Signals Detecting Bicycles
  135. Montgomery County Has a Bicycle Stress Map Now!
  136. I need examples of bike/ped path projects with time and cost information
  137. RCannon100 published in Bicycling Mag
  138. Wilson Boulevard Improvements - 1 year update
  139. Snarky Taunting
  140. King Street Complete Streets Project Meeting #3 - April 21, 2016
  141. VA Dooring Bill Questions
  142. East Coast Greenway Job Opening--South Atlantic Greenway Coordinator
  143. Cycling route from C & O Towpath to Hostel at 1009 11 St NW
  144. Impromptu Picnic -- Thursday 4/14
  145. Taking Bike to Work Day to the next level....
  146. Cyclist Hit - 7:30 Monday Columbia Pike and S Rolfe St
  147. Home Mechanics - Dumbest thing you have done
  148. Cyclist Speeding Ticket NBC Report?
  149. Draft National Park Service Regional Trail Plan
  150. Phoenix AZ's Bicycle Safety Graphic Novels
  151. Michael Rogers and I
  152. MPD Ticketing at Penn Ave & 15th
  153. Should this be a right-turn-only lane?
  154. My Friend Steve
  155. NPS / GW Parkway / Mt Vernon Trail Open House Series
  156. Article: The “great monster of death” arrives in Toronto
  157. BBC story on optical illusions in crosswalk design
  158. 4 Mile Run Bridge and the Pike (rant)
  159. Do you dream about bicycles?
  160. Corkscrew of Death in Washingtonian
  161. Quick Brain Teaser - Should Be Easy for MTB-ers
  162. Bike Topeka's 3 Feet to Pass Police Device
  163. Little River Turnpike biking study
  164. Cycling the 2nd most dangerous form of transportation, from the Washington Post
  165. Bicycle Washing
  166. bike year
  167. Introduction
  168. Dipping my toes in
  169. Last Day to Comment on the Memorial Bridge Reconstruction
  170. Gallows Road 66 Overpass/Bridge - Disappearing Lanes
  171. What do you think of Conte's
  172. Bike-friendliness as a Selling Point for Commercial Real Estate
  173. how to choose bicycle tour organizing company?
  174. McDonald's Has Created Brilliant Bike-Friendly Takeout Packaging
  175. 2016 Arlington County Board Democratic Primary - How They Stand
  176. Dc bike swap @ union market
  177. National Bike Challenge Rule Change
  178. Traffic ticket on W&OD
  179. Bike Tossing: Chris Horner's Toss vs the Greats
  180. Pet peeve
  181. Mountain Bike Trails inside the beltway nearish to Arlington?
  182. Improve Regional Bike Connections!!!
  183. Make cycling a part of the I-66 widening!
  184. Rancher lassos bike thief outside West Coast Wal-Mart
  185. Email Shared/Sold to Local Political Campaign
  186. Nutrition and longer rides
  187. Richmond police say they can't stop cars from parking in bike lanes
  188. Five Bicycles in Kalamazoo
  189. Lafayette Park closures
  190. Nats Game -- Bike Valet -- Need Lock?
  191. Paul W. I found your pannier
  192. Riding around National Harbor this summer? You may be sharing the road with a robot.
  193. Unsafe/Frustrating Cycling Conditions? Hit the Yellow Button!
  194. Alexandria Updates
  195. Has Alexandria Screwed Us Over Again (King-Beauregard this time)?
  196. Cyclist vs. Porsche
  197. VDOT paving schedule
  198. e-bikes legal in DC?
  199. Strava Trick Number 31
  200. AAA is fighting DC's attempt to end contributory negligence
  201. turn-by-turn voice navigation
  202. Arlington National Cemetery Banning Bikes
  203. Peter Sagan
  204. Bicycling in literature
  205. Cycling Doctor
  206. Introducing myself!
  207. Grateful for today's rain
  208. Help improve Transportation in Northern Virginia - take this very short survey
  209. Bike storage growing more popular
  210. Nonfunctional Bike Counters
  211. Love bikes, hate nukes? Bike Around the Bomb 2016
  212. Pokemon Go Players: The Next "Crazy Ivans"?
  213. Webinar: Equity in Ped and Bicycle Planning - July 26, 2016
  214. D.C. Council votes to make it easier for cyclists to collect insurance after a crash
  215. A multi-modal octopus. Nice.
  216. Article: Philosophy that pits cars against bikes is finally dying
  217. Aggressive Driving Increasing
  218. New Harvard report outlining innovative ways to improve bicycle infrastructure
  219. Seeking podiatrist recommendations in DC
  220. Intersection of Doom - Traffic Enforcement
  221. Article: Why Bicycling Infrastructure Fails Cyclists
  222. 4MR intersection woes
  224. biking to nationals game?
  225. Hosting a couple of Brits this weekend
  226. Bike building party in Reston on Friday afternoon
  227. East Coast Greenway
  228. Arlington Traffic Enforcement
  229. The Gallows Road International Speedway
  230. Biking Columbia Pike
  231. Stattanti 48m mat black carbon frame Ultregra drive-train clip in Shimano pd pedals.
  232. Comment Opportunity - National Foreign Affairs Training Center
  233. Best route to Takoma Park
  234. Hills for practicing standing climbing
  235. Bike Around the Bomb - DC Ride
  236. Walter Reed at King
  237. Petition to tell US DOT we all count
  238. Rockville/Whites Ferry/Rockville
  239. Women's Bike for Sale
  240. Buying a Bike in Seattle
  241. Patagonia free repairs: August 27, 2016 Washington DC
  242. Rockville/Poolesville/Rockville
  243. Who is behind the steering wheel?
  244. I'm asking for your help
  245. Window Tinting
  246. Kickstarter about restoring vintage bicycles?
  247. Rosslyn Protected Bike Lane?
  248. Article: "Safe Bicycling Is A Matter Of Bicycling, Not Clothing"
  249. Help out my sister with this survey
  250. Alexandria Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Sept 15th and 17th