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  1. Practice Loop Coming to W&OD at Columbia Pike
  2. Advice for biking in the rain
  3. People Spots: Using parking spots differently
  4. Shinola on the front of Washington Post (online at least)
  5. How to Get Away with Bike Theft
  6. Streetcar canceled - What's it mean for bikes?
  7. thanksgiving gatherings?
  8. Support for bike greenways/trails in the D.C.-Richmond High-Speed Rail corridor plan
  9. DDOT public meetings on Dec. 2 and 3
  10. My introduction post!
  11. The latest Copenhagen bike story: bike "super highways"
  12. New From Bikeyface
  13. Want to get a bicycle for 10 days.
  14. Cycling personal goals
  15. Life looks better... through a chlorine haze?
  16. Bill Nye The Science Guy
  17. WaPo on Cyclist Killed in Gaithersburg 11/24/14
  18. Winter Riding Lessons
  19. 9-yr-old finishes cross-country ride
  20. Tour de France devil retiring
  21. Music from bicycles
  22. Gabby Giffords Rides El Tour de Tucson
  23. Fountainhead- Monday 12/1
  24. Traffic incident at Washington Circle on December 1, 2014
  25. Thomas Dolby's bike stolen in Baltimore
  26. Roads were not built for cars.
  27. Article: Bike to work: lose weight, save money, add years to your life
  28. Moose Mitts seek revenge
  29. Murry Freezing Saddles - Gift Giving Suggestions
  30. Amazon Smile makes donations to biking charities based on your purchases - it's free!
  31. Best LBS in Centreville va
  32. South Eads Street Bike Lanes - work in progress!
  33. CityLab: Paris Aims to End Its Pollution Misery by Cutting Out Cars
  34. How to take your bike on Metrobus
  35. Port City Brewing Company Pedals 'N' Pints (Ugly Holiday Sweater Edition) DEC 20
  36. Daytime running lights
  37. MARC debuts weekend bike car service between D.C. and Baltimore
  38. Strava noob
  39. Beginner Mountain Bike trails
  40. Bicycles in museums: the Smithsonian and Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry
  41. You and me baby ain't nothing but MAMILs
  42. Key broke in my u lock. How to recover?
  43. MAMIL added to Oxford Dictionary
  44. Bus, cars, truck, bikes, benches, wall damaged in Columbia Pike crash
  45. 12th St. NW closed at Metro Center due to water main break
  46. Tickets on Eads Street
  47. What's in a name? That which we call a bike path, by any other name would...
  48. A diet you can live with - Msg from DOT Administrator
  49. Article on Riverdale bike repair program (Proteus Bicycles mentioned too)
  50. Contest time!
  51. 4MR Sewage Plant Fence Art Project
  52. Deer crash video: real or not
  53. Where are you riding tomorrow?
  54. Yay for biking!
  55. Wheelsuckers
  56. Odd happening but happy ending.
  57. Merry Christmas!!!!
  58. This is madness
  59. Rails to trails moves to the fast track
  60. Forum names
  61. Justice Breyer bobblehead, on a bike
  62. 2014 accident map for peds and cyclists in DC
  63. City Lab: Why Sweden Has the World's Safest Roads
  64. U2's Bono says he may never play guitar again after bike crash, but jokes about it
  65. Darting dogs
  66. How Does One Effectively Communicate with Ninja Drivers?
  67. Girl Scout Cookie Order Time
  68. Articles: The Invention of Jaywalking
  69. National Park Service Wants to Charge EVERYONE for using the C&O Towpath
  70. New National Capitol Region director for the National Park Service
  71. Courtland is Back - Surprise, Bicycles Shouldn't Be On Roads
  72. Festka art bikes
  73. Comet Lovejoy visible with binoculars
  74. Close Call Database
  75. The Woman With the Golden Bicycle
  76. Beware: Bike thieves at Braddock Rd metro
  77. Baltimore Bishop to be charged with Manslaughter in Cyclist death
  78. A bit of reason in the WaPo
  79. NPS fee proposal for C&O Canal
  80. Help Wanted: Griffin Cycle is Hiring
  81. DC-area bike history: BikeArlington Forum, Freezing Saddles, blogs, etc.
  82. Forum Software Upgrades
  83. Housing for Road Bike Championships in Richmond
  84. LAB Bike Summit housing
  85. Study: What Puts Cyclists at Greatest Risk? Itís Not What You Wear
  86. Modacity Casting Call: We're looking for neat folks who bike!
  87. Need advices before purchasing
  88. Cyclist stabbed commuting home yesterday
  89. 1963: A Bike Oddity - Frank Zappa plays a bicycle on The Steve Allen Show
  90. Discussion of Tom Palermo's killing and road design at GGW.org
  91. If you're still up tonigh, & in Jim LeMunyon's district...
  92. food bikes
  93. 2012 interview with Lloyd "Bud" Vye of the Virginia Bicycling Federation
  94. To the guy who screamed at me
  95. Bike-related bills in the *2015* Virginia General Assembly...
  96. I-66 HOT lanes proposed, with multimodal improvements
  97. DC Velodrome now looking at Montgomery County
  98. WABA on the WB&A trail
  99. Serious Cyclist Accident at Bottom of Steep Walter Reed Dr Hill in Arlington
  100. FCC Three Year Anniversary
  101. DOT leader asks mayors to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians
  102. County Survey on Draft Neighborhood Complete Streets Program
  103. Today, January 28, is Capitalsaurus Day
  104. Bees in the Knees
  105. Next vacation?
  106. Interesting - charity ride of one
  107. WABA's Bicyclists' Choice Awards 2015
  108. Upper Marlboro cyclists?
  109. Incrementalists vs Completionists
  110. World Championship Fever
  111. high winds
  112. Four Mile Run
  113. super bowl - selling cars with bikes
  114. Get Your (Bike) Kicks on Route 66
  115. Announcing the arlington pal ambassador program!
  116. Hello everyone from Italy
  117. Strava pause
  118. Bikes on Film
  119. WaPo Article: "In Arlington, winter biking gets a boost with plowed paths"
  120. Social Media Contacts
  121. Lynn/Lee Intersection of Doom Medium-Term Fixes
  122. Bond. James Bond.
  123. "Out-of-the-box" idea to fund surface transportation at the federal level
  124. Claiming stolen bikes that are recovered by Metropolitan Police (D.C.)
  125. Secret Service Stopping Bicyclists on Beach Drive
  126. Under Armour buys Endomondo and MyFitnessPal
  127. Stopped from riding in Lincoln Memorial Cemetery
  128. Daniel Wilcox was in an accident!
  129. Action Alert - there's still time tonight & tomorrow (Wed.) morning
  130. New Visitor Access Requirements at Ft Myer?
  131. Do you need hands to change a bike tire?
  132. Ham'r
  133. High wind watch on Saturday and Sunday
  134. Carbon fiber bike repair (in nova)
  135. Update from The Rockville Bike Hub
  136. Washington's Birthday was Bicycle Day in the 19th century
  137. Eddie Van Halen: more proof that the Dutch love cycling
  138. What lies beneath.
  139. 'Crossing the Double Yellow to Pass Cyclists' up for VA House Vote - please support!
  140. All I can think is, "Runners have it easy..."
  141. Can we get NPS to hire this guy to plow the MVT?
  142. New (Regular!) ARLnow Column on Cycling/Transportation
  143. New photo gallery in the Fotowalk areas of the Crystal City Shops
  144. WOD trail condition
  145. Boston Cyclists Undeterred
  146. Addresssing Urban Cycling & Bike Theft: Data Challenge
  147. Best plowed trails?
  148. Check out a Founding Father's bike ride around the area, from a local author's book
  149. Leonard Nimoy, bicycle owner
  150. Falls Church City West Broad Street
  151. Roll-on access on Amtrak - support the Lipinski Amendment TODAY
  152. Cross country advice?
  153. Rode Past World-Adventurer Camping Along the W&OD
  154. Sinkhole in Lyon Park, next to Wash. Blvd. bike trail
  155. HR 990 - Commuter Parity Act of 2015
  156. Proposed bike/pedestrian funding cuts in Arlington County
  157. Street Sweeping?
  158. Evolution of the Bicycle, in 67 seconds
  159. What should I say?
  160. DC police to the rescue....
  161. Sharknado 3 filming in DC today
  162. I found out where all the salt went...
  163. Rock 'n' Roll DC Marathon & 1/2 Marathon tomorrow, Sat. March 14, 2015
  164. White Line trail, Sedona, Arizona: Would you ride it?
  165. Chris Froome's cat doesn't like Alberto Contador or Tinkoff Saxo
  166. Join the One Tough Bitch Club to support Cyclist Lynn Kristianson
  167. Salutations
  168. Trail Deterioration
  169. Zwift
  170. Rockville Bike Hub Fundraising Project
  171. Dc bike swap
  172. Behold: RackSpotter - A crowdsourced bike parking tool!
  173. Replica of the Marquis de Lafayette's ship Hermione to dock at Old Town, June 10-12
  174. "ACPD to Conduct Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Detail" Tue. Mar. 24
  175. Article: Why biking to work is a barrier for most Americans
  176. 4 robberies occur near popular D.C. bike trail (Met Branch)
  177. Craft Brew Venues near the Custis Trail
  178. Baltimore revives long-dormant Bicycle Advisory Commission
  179. NPS to recruit border collies to chase away Canada geese from Nat'l Mall
  180. Biking around Wash for Marine Corps Marathon
  181. DRIVE Act - HR 1461 - Pushing back on the all powerful bike lobby
  182. Why we need protect bike lanes
  183. Old Angler's Inn looking to become a true inn again, on the C&O towpath
  184. Bardo planning a brewpub/park by Nats stadium with 500 bike parking spaces...
  185. "Bicycle Bandit" bank robber on the run in Fairfax County
  186. Borrow Bicycle Trailer (for dogs)
  187. How windy is it?
  188. April Fools report from GGW: Bike HOT lanes on the MVT
  189. SCA Biking Internships in the D.C. Area
  190. Between you me and the lamp post
  191. Cadence - where should I max out?
  192. NPS Park Police to bring back old equipment for use at East Potomac Park?
  193. Earth Day concert/National Math Festival - Sat. April 18, 2015
  194. Montgomery County will continue to plow Capital Crescent Trail next winter
  195. Paris to build 5 bike highways, add new lights and bike racks, lower car speed limit
  196. Northern Virginia Tour de Cure
  197. Strava and Competitive Cyclist will pay you to ride your bike
  198. Winning your bike commute?
  199. Enjoying the trail
  200. Capitol Grounds on lockdown, Sat. April 11
  201. Trail Counts
  202. Question about Leading Pedestrian Intervals
  203. Input on Problem Areas in Fairfax County
  204. New 7000 series Metro trains on Blue Line - bike rack info
  205. It is Pouring outside. yikes
  206. Charity Spin Class & Raffle to benefit Bike MS
  207. All Hail Bike Snob NYC
  208. You'll believe a building can fly (639 NY Ave. NW)
  209. What..... is your favorite ride?
  210. If you're a constituent of these legislators...
  211. Bike accident
  212. How to signal a right turn?
  213. Arlington Board Keeps Bike/Ped Planner in FY16 Budget
  214. Bicycle Poetry
  215. Opportunity to vote for Phoenix Bikes
  216. Why hozn might like rim brakes**
  217. Proposed Capital Bikeshare Locations opposed by Bluemont Civic Association - vote
  218. Tornado watch issued for D.C. area, Mon. April 20
  219. WWII National Capital Flyover - May 8, 2015
  220. Nutella
  221. Looking for a good bike-aware orthopedist and physical therapist
  222. New BFB Awards Announced!
  223. Biking Wisdom
  224. Trek recalling 1 million bikes for front disc brake flaw
  225. Exercise isn't bad for you after all
  226. Potomac Yard Metro and Mount Vernon Trail improvements
  227. helmets, because science
  228. Sewage along the Custis Trail?
  229. WABA News: Farthing Stepping Down
  230. Iwo Jima to get a facelift
  231. History of the gravel paths on the National Mall
  232. The Art of Carrying a Passenger by Bike
  233. Capital Bikeshare's hardest working bike
  234. Happy bike month!
  235. Potomac River Camp Coffee #coffeeoutside
  236. Driving or riding while dehydrated
  237. Pedestrians are people too
  238. Biking, walking, cross training (?) and physiology
  239. FreshBikes Tuesday Night Ride Postponed Indefinitely?
  240. Nepal mountain bikers delivering aid to isolated villages
  241. A Different Kind of Cycling challenge
  242. See anything @ ~5pm last Saturday on/near the 4MR trail just east of 395?
  243. Ride and be counted
  244. Request a Bike Rack!
  245. Struck Cyclist Looking for Witnesses
  246. Four Mile Run - stream habitat restoration and other work along the corridor
  247. *** a.p.b.- stolen bike ***
  248. Caboose Brewing is open, finally!
  249. 2015 bike-friendly states ranked as per The League of Amercian Bicyclists
  250. How the Netherlands builds its transportation infrastructure - Part 1